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About Us
Hillbilly Culture LLC is an enhanced music publishing company with an affiliated educational outreach group called the Songpreneur Community.
Our founder, Amanda Colleen Williams is second-generation songwriting royalty, daughter of Nashville Hall of Fame Songwriter Kim Williams, and a life long advocate for songwriters. Check out Amanda’s artist site here.
The Songpreneur Community is a group of songwriter entrepreneurs who are innovating and educating within the new music business. Our online and offline programs train writers of all experience levels to be self-sufficient songwriter-publishers, providing the specialized knowledge needed to succeed in the new music business. Take your first step and opt in to our email newsletter here. Or join us here.

World Federation Music Alliance

The World Federation Music Alliance is a global think tank for experts, educators and practitioners in the field of music. The mission is to develop platforms and cooperative projects to serve the greater community through music and the arts, while working together to find solutions to the immediate and long term needs of music and the music business.