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"Nobody's Child" Event Sponsored by Bridges to the Future
June 17, 2013


Nobody’s Child: Bringing Together

Organizations Working To Help At Risk Youth &


Kids Aging Out of the Foster Care System

June 22, 2013


In 2007, a group of songwriters penned “Nobody’s Child” to bring awareness to the plight of kids aging out of the foster care system.  Since that time, the song has taken on a life of its own, and has being adopted by groups throughout the country who provide assistance to at risk youth and kids aging out of the foster care system.


Telling the story from the point of view of a 12 year old girl who has been in and out of foster homes and state custody, the song pulls on the heart strings of all who hear it, and helps provide a focus point for dialogue about how to improve the situation for thousands of kids who find themselves abandoned and destitute each year in the United States and around the world.


Currently the song has been recorded twice and is being used by a wide array of non-profits for the purpose of educating potential foster parents and the general public about the reality facing older kids who are seldom adopted, and as such, have no families or visible means of support as they enter adulthood.


On Saturday, June 22nd beginning at 7PM as part of the second annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference, the song “Nobody’s Child” will once again provide a vehicle for bridging building among some of the organizations working with at risk youth and kids aging out of the foster care system. 


This special event sponsored by Bridges to the Future, a Murfreesboro, TN based organization will launch an ongoing dialogue among some of the groups providing assistance to kids and foster families.


Abbey Cone of Texas Grapevine Opry fame will perform the song “Nobody’s Child” which she performed at the National CASA Convention in Anaheim, California in April.  Abbey donates one dollar to CASA every time the song is downloaded from  her website.


If you represent a non-profit organization who works with at risk youth, please join us at Hotel Preston on Saturday, June 22nd 7PM in the grand ballroom for an evening of informal fellowship while celebrating the finale of the second annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference. 




Do you think of your music as a vehicle of expression?  Do you enjoy writing for a cause?  So do we!


Take me somewhere.


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