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Workbooks - Songwriting and Music Business
October 29, 2013

Workbooks – Songwriting and Music Business

Songwriters Where Are You: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro


         Ever feel like there’s too much to learn?  Craft, publishing, licensing, pitching, branding, marketing, encoding… and on… and on…


         Songwriting and Music Business wants to make your life easier with these two short, simple, easy to read workbooks that will help you build your songwriting career the right way.


         Whether you’re just starting out, or have been writing songs professionally for years, these workbooks are designed to be a one stop resource for songwriters and independent musicians who want to learn (or remember) the specialized knowledge needed to succeed in the new music business.

If you're a songwriter


Current workbook information:


Getting Started the Right Way in the New Millennium of Music Business

Getting Started Workbook



Learn how to set up the business side of your songwriting based on the principles of copyright and fair-trade music publishing practices.


·      Royalties

·      Licensing

·      Catalog management

·      Taxes

·      Encoding

·      Publishing deals

·      Demos versus Masters

·      And more

Getting Started Workbook topics covered


ORDER NOW $35 + $4 shipping/handling:

The Getting Started workbook is a living curriculum.  When you purchase the workbook, we’ll collect your email address.  As updates become available, we will email you a pdf file of pages to print at home and add to your workbook.

Reviews from real songwriters


"I purchased the Songwriting and Music Business Workbook at the Durango Songwriters Expo.  It is the clearest and easiest to navigate of any music business book I've read and a user-friendly way to  become empowered in the music business The examples are short and to the point, and it demystifies copyright so that I feel confident and ready to use music business language and to stick up for myself as an independent songwriter in industry situations.  I've gifted the workbook to a co-writer and recommend it to anyone I know." - Eleanor Dubinsky


"I was happy to discover the SMB website through a Google search.  It's really difficult to find good solid info when dealing with music business issues, and I really think you've got a good thing going with your site and the community.  I wasn't really looking for songwriting articles and as it turns out they are just what I need to infuse new life and ideas into my writing.  It's an eye-opener to see that there is always more to learn!" - Polly Klemmer, songwriter California


"The songwriting and music business workshops have been great for me. Amanda has a wealth of knowledge about the music business and her delivery is very matter-of-fact. She makes it easy to ask the questions that I think I "should already know". I would recommend these workshops to anyone who is trying to better themselves as a writer and music business entrepreneur." - Haden Carpenter


"Amanda was able to explain complex topics such as copyright with ease! She covered aspects of music publishing and marketing more concisely in one hour than I’ve been able to glean from days and weeks of reading books on the same topics. She’s amazing!"

 — Carol Katterjohn - songwriter, member NSAI Indianapolis

Even if you're not a songwriter


Brand Yourself the Right Way in the New Millennium of Music Business

Brand You Workbook

Learn how to brand and market yourself and your music by letting your core values attract organic search traffic to your website – even if fans don’t know your name or anything about you.


·      Branding

·      Pull vs Push Marketing

·      Case Studies

·      Attracting search traffic on Google

·      Self evaluation tools

Brand You Workbook Topics Covered


ORDER NOW $45 + $4 shipping/handling:

The Brand You workbook is ideal for small business owners and artists of all types who want to help fans and customers find them online without spending tons of time and money in advertising or “quick-fix” SEO schemes.


"In my mind, the branding model that Amanda represents is not about selling yourself commercially, but about representing yourself authentically so that people who like what you have to say can find you. It is so that creative people can give true value to their customers, thereby supporting everyone." - Judy Harmon, holistic healer and creator of Salve Bros. product"

 — Judy Harmon



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