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Workshops - Songwriting and Music Business
October 29, 2013

Getting Started the Right Way in the New Millennium of Music Business



Next workshop:

November 8, 2016 2PM – 4PM

Nashville, TN 37209

Address sent to registered attendees – group rates available for 5 or more email for information – regular price $50 per person



          You could spend years trying to learn the specialized knowledge you need to build your sustainable career in the new music business.




         You could get a kick-start in the right direction by cramming the equivalent of a college or University level Music Publishing 101 class into a two-hour workshop.


         Check out these workshops designed to give you the tools you need to build a sustainable career in the new music business:


Getting Started aka Business of Songwriting Workshop




Want a publishing deal?  Trying to get your original music out there and earn some royalty money?  Learn the foundation you need to know to take care of the business side of your songwriting.


·      Copyright

·      Licensing

·      Royalty

·      Catalogs

·      Publishing Deals

·      Encoding

"Amanda was able to explain complex topics such as copyright with ease! She covered aspects of music publishing and marketing more concisely in one hour than I’ve been able to glean from days and weeks of reading books on the same topics. She’s amazing!” – Carol Katterjohn NSAI & SMB Member Indianapolis, IN


"I’ve probably learned more in the last two hours than I have in the last 15 or 20 years. I recommend it to anybody that’s got questions about the industry or who wants to understand all the label jargon and all the specifics you need to get your career off the ground."

    Cy Yaegel - singer/songwriter

Interested in hosting a Business of Songwriting workshop for your group?  Email us for special rates and scheduling.

Business of Songwriting is a two (2) hour workshop followed by an hour of Q&A taught by magna cum laude Berklee College of Music – Music Business graduate, Amanda Williams.  Workshop costs $50 per person.



Check out these other fine workshops:


Brand You Workshop



Want to bring fans to your music without chasing them down and without giving away everything for free all the time?  Examine your core values, and learn how to bring your natural fans to you and your music using the tools available on the Internet.


·      Branding

·      Marketing – Pull vs Push

·      Google SEO basics

·      Website ranking

·      Self evaluation tools

·      Case study


“You wont find a better workshop on how to market yourself successfully in the new model of the music business anywhere than the Brand You Workshop. It is by far the best bang for your buck!” – J Morley, songwriter and art gallery owner, Lafayette, CO

"It was a pleasure taking the class with Amanda.  I was a Program Director at the International Academy of Design and Technology for eight years.  I would have hired someone with Amanda's teaching skill in a heartbeat! "

 — Dianne Tatara, Ed.D.

Interested in hosting a Brand You workshop for your group?  Email us for special rates and scheduling.

Brand You is a three (3) hour workshop taught by Songwriting and Music Business founder, Amanda Williams.  Workshop costs $75 per person.


Write Brain Song Crafting Workshop



Having trouble finishing your songs?  Want to write better songs in less time?  This workshop is for you.  Learn:


·      Right and Left brain function theory

·      Techniques to help you finish songs

·      Revision techniques


“Amanda is a great teacher and amazing songwriter. She is patient and explains things in great detail, all while making the song writing process fun and interactive.” – Jayne Nelsen, songwriter


Interested in hosting a Write Brain Song Crafting workshop for your group?  Email us for special rates and scheduling.

Write Brain Song Crafting is a four (4) hour workshop: 1 hour lesson, 2 hour co-writing in small groups, 1 hour sharing and feedback taught by Grammy nominated songwriter, Amanda Williams.  Workshop costs $100 per person.





Workbooks are available.


Join the SMB Community.


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