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Online Classes
University level curriculum in songwriting and the music business taught by multi platinum awarded professional songwriter with a music business degree from Berklee College of Music.

Courses are designed to incorporate individual assignments and study with regular online discussion meetups and forums.

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Traveling Retreats

Due to popular demand, you can now book a Songwriter Retreat for your community group. Retreats are the place to relax over a long weekend and focus on your songwriting with professional songwriter instructors.

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Traveling Workshops

From the ground up DIY Music Publishing. Fast paced, thorough, informed, objective information from the perspective of someone who’s been there.

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Songwriting takes your whole brain. Learn about right and left brain function and how using different parts of your mind can help you write better songs in less time. Then practice what you have learned, writing in small groups. Facilitated by 13 year Pro Writer.

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How to stand out with your music and develop a sustainable career for your original songwriting and artistry.Learn how being unique makes you valuable in the new model.

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Annual Conference
The Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Songpreneur Conference is in its fourth year and going strong. Want to build your sustainable career in the new music business? Trying to apply entrepreneurial skills to achieve your songwriting dreams? The June Conference is the place to be.

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