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Our 2013 Songwriting Retreat was a huge success, and due to popular demand, we have already started accepting applicants for our FEBRUARY 2014 Retreat. The location will be announced in Fall 2013 to allow plenty of time for travel planning. These 20 available slots fill quickly, so act now to reserve your spot at the early bird special rate of $1750. Price includes meals, lodging, activities and materials.

Our retreat focus is lyric crafting and expressive writing with an eye toward the difference between commercial writing, and songs written for self-expression purposes in our evaluation criteria.

Working in small focus groups, we evaluate current hits and classic song lyrics, examining the kinds of literary techniques used, and practicing those techniques in our own writing. We perform left brain/right brain crafting exercises designed to get the creative juices flowing, followed by peer-to-peer and mentor guided co-writing sessions. We also have a couple of performance/vocal techniques workshops designed for songwriters who may or may not be comfortable “in the round.” In addition, we play songs for each other and enjoy the company of a great group of like-minded folks, making lifelong friends on our journey to songwriting success - whatever that might look like for you.


All meals and lodging provided in retreat cost. Apply early for the best rates. Only 20 attendees accepted. Come, relax, write, make life-long friends, and enjoy the journey to becoming a better songwriter.

Examples of some curriculum based focus groups we have on the retreat:

Imagery Writing – One of the keys to improving your songwriting is including imagery and descriptive language. We examine hit song lyrics that successfully incorporate these elements, and do exercises to help you effectively use descriptive language in your own writing.

Character Development – Some of the most enduring songs in history are simply character sketches. What are some techniques for developing a character in your songs? This focus group looks at examples of songs that use this technique followed by exercises designed to help you develop your own characters.

Performance Techniques – Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a performing songwriter, there comes a time when every songwriter will be asked to play a song for somebody. Whether you plan on entertaining arena crowds, or just the folks sitting in your living room, this focus group provides techniques to improve your stage presence.

Vocal Techniques – The voice is our natural instrument. This focus group provides tools and exercises to improve your ability to utilize and control that instrument. Singers and non-singers alike can benefit from the techniques shared in this powerful session.

Idea finding scavenger hunt – being a songwriter is really just a state of mind. This fun scavenger hunt will train you to use your awareness to find ideas for songwriting in your surroundings.

Unfinished Song – get feedback and guidance from the group on the unfinished song you’re having trouble finishing. Bring a lyric sheet if you’d like to participate in this optional group session.