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Songpreneur Community
Our community provides a structure and framework where creative people can make progress toward their career goals.
Getting Started Workbook
From the ground up how to DIY Music Publishing. Fast paced, thorough, informed, objective information from the perspective of someone who’s been there. Workbook is designed to equip songwriters with all the information they need to understand the inner workings of a music publishing company. Whether your goal is to find a music publisher, to license or to find new model ways to monetize your original songs, you will find this workbook a easy to use guide in getting started.

Brand You Workbook
How to stand out with your music, and develop a sustainable career for your original songwriting and artistry. Learn how being unique makes you valuable in the new model. Young or old there’s a brand new way of doing business. Includes: how to identify and describe your mission and present a unified package for seling your music to consumers and industry, identify niche markets, improve your web site ranking, and how to draw customers to your website organically using your content.