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"I think that Songwriting and Music Business really is an exciting new venture and a whole new way of looking at the music business and helping folks who are songwriters and folks who are interested in music to take what they do to the next level. Amanda brings a whole lifetime of experience, not only as someone who has grown up in the music business, but someone who has worked as a singer songwriter and seen it from all perspectives. And also, she brings in things that are outside the music business itself to apply and distill a lot of information into things that folks can take with them and better their own music experience."

 — David Lauver - Director of Education and Public Relations for KSA

"As a songwriter, starting out, with no way of knowing what to do or how to get there, I’d have tuned into this in a heartbeat."

 — Ron Harbin, hit songwriter of "Mr. Mom" Lonestar and "Overnight Male" George Strait

"I enjoyed the whole process. We all learn from other people and when you’re listening to this program or watching it, you might get something from what I say or one of the other guys on the show. I think it’s pretty brilliant of you guys to show the different sides: the aspiring future hit singer, the management side of it and the writer side of it. I think it’s going to be very instrumental and help people make some decisions and get themselves on the right road to make something happen in the business."

 — Danny Wells - hit songwriter of "These Days" Rascal Flatts, "Check Yes or No" George Strait

"One of the very best (and best-written) articles [Pitching Songs] on this subject I’ve read. Bravo and thank you!

-Mary Haller, recipient 2009 Berklee Music’s Paul Simon Celebrity Scholarship, writer & publicist for Boston Symphony Orchestra & former Director of Arts Communication for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


 — Mary Haller, recipient 2009 Berklee Music's Paul Simon Celebrity Scholarship

"I just want to say thanks for doing all of this. I know it's part business, but it's obvious that it's a big part love. I look at all the stuff you guys are doing and I think you must be going 200 miles per hour. Honestly, whatever becomes of any of this songwriting thing for me is just a blast. The process is too much fun, and this definitely gives us an opportunity to learn and experience. So, Thanks. "

 — Kenny Lee Hall - NSAI, SMB Member, St. Louis, MO

"Amanda Williams and Songwriting and Music Business are both forces of nature. I happened to stumble upon Amanda and her work by way of a friend who was hosting a talk Amanda was giving in Brooklyn, NYC. I was immediately locked into the information and knowledge Amanda was offering about the actual business of songwriting. Needless to say, I enrolled myself in the Songwriting and Music Business Community and shortly after found myself in Nashville, TN at the conference Amanda and her crew put together this past June. It was three days jam packed with showcases, pitching sessions, master classes/gatherings with great songwriters, TV/film/radio execs, conversations on the importance of social media today and on the business of music and music making, opportunities to write, co-write and network. I wound up with private meetings and pitch sessions, a bunch of new co-writing buddies and new outlook on my career as a singer songwriter and artist. Since then, it's been non stop in the dance with the music and it just keeps getting better. In that you're serious about your craft and being in the world of music and music making, sign up and become a member of Songwriting and Music Business. Amanda and her crew are the most generous people I have come to meet in the biz. "

 — Sarah Aili - songwriter artist

"I just wanted to make a comment about publishing. This last week I was offered a publishing deal on a song. A year ago I would have jumped at the chance but after taking Amanda's Songwriting and Business class , I decided to decline. After reading the contract , the song would have been tied up for 3 years. I wouldn't have been able to pitch it to any TV or film opportunities and besides why sign away my own publishing on an uncertain situation. Thanks Amanda. This class has been a major help. [talking about the SMB School January - June semester - free with your SMB Membership]"

 — Ed Dunn

"Songwriters...of all of the organizations that I have been and currently am a member of, Songwriting and Music Business is by far the most knowledgeable, approachable and genuine group. Amanda Williams has created a diverse group of writers, artists and other industry people who truly support each other like family."

 — Alisha Sheely

"I just wanted to make a comment about publishing. This last week I was offered a publishing deal on a song. A year ago I would have jumped at the chance but after taking Amanda's Songwriting and Business class, I decided to decline. After reading the contract, the song would have been tied up for 3 years. I wouldn't have been able to pitch it to any TV or film opportunities and besides why sign away my own publishing on an uncertain situation. Thanks Amanda. This class has been a major help. [enrollment in the SMB School is included in your yearly membership dues]"

 — Ed Dunn


"These workshops help songwriters understand the meaning of copyrighting their material and just being careful with all your work. If you’re not a part of this you need to be."

 — Greylan James - singer/songwriter

"I’ve probably learned more in the last two hours than I have in the last 15 or 20 years. I recommend it to anybody that’s got questions about the industry or who wants to understand all the label jargon and all the specifics you need to get your career off the ground."

 — Cy Yaegel - singer/songwriter

"You will learn more from Amanda Williams 101, 202 and 303 workshops in a very short amount of time than you could spending years in schools, and years living in Nashville or some other music center, because it’s right on time, way ahead of most schools and other educators out there, and presented in a really clear entertaining way."

 — Jack Hayford - owner Events in Music, webmaster - Durango Songwriter Expo

"Amanda was able to explain complex topics such as copyright with ease! She covered aspects of music publishing and marketing more concisely in one hour than I’ve been able to glean from days and weeks of reading books on the same topics. She’s amazing!"

 — Carol Katterjohn - songwriter, member NSAI Indianapolis

"The workshop was great on Saturday. Every time I listen to Amanda I learn something new."

 — Rebecca Johnson - mother of Caleb Slade Johnson (member)

"Thank you so much again for stopping by The Songwriting School the other night. I learned so much from you. What's interesting is that I actually took a class in Music Business a couple of years ago that covered the same topics you did, but you somehow seemed to sum it up in a much more clear and concise way. I now actually understand what I was supposed to learn!"

 — Kylie Kempster - Songwriting School of Los Angeles

"It was a pleasure taking the class with you. I was a Program Director at the International Academy of Design and Technology for eight years. I would have hired someone with Amanda's teaching skill in a heartbeat! "

 — Dianne Tatara, Ed.D.

"Hey All,
You wont find a better workshop on how to market yourself successfully in the new model of the music business anywhere than the Brand You Workshop. It is by far the best bang for your buck! I recently had the opportunity to attend songwritingandmusicbusiness.com workshop titled Brand You. Amanda Williams Singer-songwriter and founder/ owner of Songwriting and Music Business website taught this workshop in Denver. I had attended one of her conferences in Nashville recently and thought I could not learn as much great information as I did there. I was wrong! Amanda' s vast expanse of the new model of the music business is always evolving with the industry. She knows how to market yourself and understands the pitfalls when dealing with the business end of your craft. You are missing something truly eye opening if you do not attend one or all of her workshops!
J Morley"

 — J Morley - SMB Member, Colorado

"In my mind, the branding model that Amanda represents is not about selling yourself commercially, but about representing yourself authentically so that people who like what you have to say can find you. It is so that creative people can give true value to their customers, thereby supporting everyone." - Judy Harmon, holistic healer and creator of Salve Bros. product - http://judykharmon.com/"

 — Judy Harmon

"I've written on my own for decades, but knew nothing of the protocol of cowriting. At the Write Brain workshop, after just 30 minutes of instruction from Amanda, I sat down with two complete strangers, and in two hours we turned out one of the catchier, more commercial tunes to which I've ever attached my name."

 — Randy Brooks - writer of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"


"My daughter, Lily Nelsen and I, met Amanda Williams two Summers ago at a song writer's night in Nashville. After attending Amanda's 'June Conference', Lily decided she would like to schedule an Eduwrite with Amanda so she could become a better songwriter.

During the very first Eduwrite, Amanda and Lily completed two songs. Not just cute little country songs, but seriously good, catchy, meaningful songs. Amanda taught Lily not only the basic structure of song writing, but also how to be more descriptive in her lyrics and how to make the choruses 'soar'. Since the first Eduwrite, Lily has written several good, solid, songs on her own and has been able to co-write with confidence.

Lily has had 4 Eduwrite sessions with Amanda, and each session produced at least one solid song (6 songs complete, and one started). Many of the songs Lily and Amanda wrote during the Eduwrites will be on her future album. At the end of each session, Lily always left with a lyric sheet and a CD of the new
song (s).

Amanda is a great teacher and amazing songwriter. She is patient and explains things in great detail, all while making the song writing process fun and interactive.

If you are a new song writer, or would just like to improve your song writing skills, I highly recommend scheduling an Eduwrite with Amanda Williams. It is well worth the money and I think you'll be amazed at the knowledge you'll gain in such a short time with her.

Jayne Nelsen (Lily's Mom)"

 — Jayne Nelsen - songwriter and Mom of Lily Nelsen

Song Evaluations

"Amanda constantly challenges, while encouraging; I sense myself growing with each evaluation, albeit small steps. I really appreciate what you are doing in the songwriting community!

 — Ron Hollis Oliver - songwriter

"Amanda's song evaluations are absolutely the most detailed, thorough and insightful that I've ever had. She hits on all the important technical aspects of songwriting while, at the same time, acknowledges and addresses the subjectivity of the creative and expressive process when appropriate. She provides a terrific blend of constructive structural and technical critique, thoughtful artistic feedback and positive reinforcement and encouragement of the songwriter's strengths. She provides a fundamental road map for building on the good, fixing the not-so-good and suggesting intelligent enhancements to help make the good great. Without a doubt, Amanda's evaluations have been worth every penny."

 — Joel Abbey - NSAI Indianapolis & SMB Member


"I came out for the Conference as a volunteer, and I had such an awesome time. It was awesome. I haven’t been to many music business conferences, but I’m hearing that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, so if you have any interest in being awesome, you should definitely join. They are definitely the smartest people I’ve come across in a long time, they know what they’re doing. They want to help people and educate people, which is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while."

 — Amber Anderson - singer, volunteer, special needs teacher NC

"One thing I learned here is that I didn’t know near as much as I thought I did going into it. I learned that I had a goal, but I didn’t have a plan to get there. They’ve taught me the steps, one by one how to do what I want to do and one thing I liked about it is that it was one on one, it wasn’t like you were just another person in the crowd. Everybody was very involved, and I think I got a learned a lot from it."

 — Caleb Slade Johnson - singer/songwriter "Snake Holler" band

"It’s been great. I’ve made a lot of new friends. What I like about it is that it was well planned, well organized. The topics were very pertinent. We can take home things from the conference to use every day. The pros were on top of their game. Each one gave us information that we can use when we got back home. I really enjoyed listening to the other people play their music. I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.

 — Carol Katterjohn - songwriter, member NSAI Indianapolis

"I’ve known Amanda for about two years, and I attended the conference this year for the first time, and it’s an amazing opportunity. The things that she teaches you and the connections that she helps make for you is just amazing. I love her so much and I want to thank her so much. I would recommend this conference to anyone. Just the different things you learn about the whole industry, every aspect no matter what part of it you want to be a part of. That’s the thing about this business; you need to know it up and down, left and right. This is definitely the place to be."

 — Dani-elle Kleha - singer/songwriter

"I really have enjoyed taking part in the conference. It’s one of the better experiences I think anybody in any level of songwriting can attend and benefit from. The range of experience both in having classroom type lectures, having conversations, being able to ask questions directly of some of the top songwriters and other music industry persons. And then being able to write with our peers, folks that are attending here and being able to put songs together, and make friendships, and find potential co-writers is something you can’t find anywhere else. Certainly one of the most interesting, informative and cost effective conferences you’ll find in the music business."

 — David Lauver - Director of Education and Public Relations for KSA

"We had a great weekend here with Amanda. The cost of this seminar is a fourth of what it should have been. It was just amazing - the information. I’ve been to seminars my whole life. Every time I listen to Amanda Williams speak, it just amazes me, the amount of information and the hard work she puts into this business. I’m just really thankful I’m taking a whole lot more away from here than I paid for. You know what, if I never write a hit song, it’s good enough for me to be around these hit songwriters this weekend and just to be in their fellowship. I love it!"

 — Elaine Anderson - singer/songwriter, Regional Coordinator NSAI Ashville, NC

"Guys I learned a lot this weekend, even though I’ve been here since ‘97. I learned that I can never know enough. I learned some great information and I was really inspired by some of the new things I’ve learned and the new people I’ve met. It was a great networking event, getting to meet some of the young new rising stars. If you weren’t here, you really missed a moment."

 — J.T. Cooper - singer/songwriter

"I am a publisher and have been for quite a long time, but I have learned so much this weekend. A lot of what I have learned has been validating to me in the way that I have conducted my business, and staying on the path that has been a win win for everybody. And by coming to this conference, I learned that that’s possible; it can be win-win. The music business is a good business and right now it’s just growing and changing, and Amanda’s whole concept around music is a way to learn how to fit in to this changing paradigm, and what is possible."

 — June McHugh - publisher, owner Ash Street Music

"I had no idea what the conference was or what to expect when I came into this. I have learned so much in the past few days and have met so many new people. It’s just an amazing opportunity and I will definitely be coming back next year."

 — Lily Nelsen - singer/songwriter, founder Songwriting Club Hendersonville, TN

"This was my first conference, but it certainly won’t be my last. I learned a lot and I’ve been to a lot of conferences before and this one was really nice, and very intimate. There was a lot of great information, and it’s something I’d definitely recommend and do again."

 — Scott Miller - singer/songwriter, 2x winner WWHAM contest

"I’ve gone to many other events and walked away with some information, but this is just overwhelming. They not only fed us with great information about all aspects of music and what to do with it and why we do it, but they also fed us with food and drinks, and many good friends is what I walked away with, and a better understanding. So if you haven’t ever done anything with your music, you should join the club. I would attend a conference, it will further your aspirations. Thank you Amanda, we’re so blessed to have you."

 — Stacey Young - singer/songwriter

"I come from an orchestral background and only recently began to write music, so I wondered why my friend wanted me to join her at this seminar. I didn't feel ready, but how wrong I was. I left the seminar with a seriousness about what I do that you can't buy and an ear full of answers to questions I hadn't asked yet, but would as I developed. I wish I could have attended the whole seminar, but due to a prior commitment, I was only able to attend one session, Enhanced Music Publishing Made Simple taught by Amanda Williams, a wildly passionate and generous young woman whose heart longs to empower and protect the songwriter. That in itself was enough to chew on for a long time. She gathered a trio of publishing giants who talked with us as if we were best friends, sharing insider secrets and tips only they could know. I took notes down the middle of the page, along the sides and in tight corners.

Thank you! I left wanting more!

Judith Pauley Markovich
M. M. Music Performance, The Juilliard School of Music
Founder/President of Global POWER Network, Inc.


 — Judith Markovich, M.M. Music Performance, The Juilliard School of Music

"I highly recommend the Songwriting and Music Business Conference to any up-and-coming songwriter, publisher, performing artist or music business young professional. Amanda Williams is a captivating teacher with years of experience. She knows the ins and outs of the music business, from publishing and copyright to the art of songwriting and performing. I would strongly consider sending future new hires to this conference for a crash course in the various aspects of the music business. A conference that is both entertaining and thought-provoking – don’t miss the next one!"

 — Peter Roselli, COO Bluewater Music Services Corp.

"Congratulations Amanda and Todd for another wonderful Songwriting and Music Business Conference in Nashville TN. Awesome people, songs, performances and connections. Thanks for all you do for songwriters. We're so grateful for you. You rock!! - posted on SMB Forum"

 — Pal & Zelda Sheldon


I need to say how thankful I am to call you a mentor, leader, and friend. Watching you "work" with everyone during this conference was a beautiful experience. From the best of the group to the weakest ... Remaining patient, kind, thoughtful and encouraging.

I know, from my own experience how hard it is to put together events like yours. Sometimes it's like lifting an elephant! You did a great job, Thank You So Much!

Jim www.jimcallahansongs.com"

 — Jim Callahan